Lumenis CO2 laser treatment: Taking Endometriosis surgery to the next level.

The CO2 laser can be utilized laparoscopically without extensive external incisions. And that’s not even the best part.

Lumenis developed an advanced surgical CO2 laser designed to remove Endometriosis lesions very delicately and in a precise manner.

How does the Endometriosis treatment with the CO2 laser work?

The Lumenis laparoscopic CO2 laser surgery uses a laser beam to eliminate endometrial tissue. The Lumenis CO2 lasers provide patients with true added value, determined mostly by the delicate and precise manner the disease is being addressed. In fact, the key success parameter of Lumenis’ CO2 lasers is the clean removal of Endometriosis lesions causing no damage to surrounding healthy tissue. This is the key to less post-operative complications and equally important to the preservation of valuable reproductive organs, compared with traditional surgical techniques.

Since the CO2 laser energy is delivered in a very superficial and extremely precise manner, it creates literally no damage to the surrounding anatomy. Leaving the healthy organs intact and protected is crucial when fertility preservation is one the treatment goals. As a result of this delicate treatment, patients experience faster recovery time, less inflammation and pain, lower risk of infection and fewer side effects such as surgery-related adhesions. Most importantly, patients experience low disease recurrence rates, and immediate improvement in their quality of life.

Approximately 85% of Endometriosis cases are diagnosed as Ovarian Endometriosis. Delicate and precise surgery of this valuable organ, using the Lumenis CO2 Laser technique, was demonstrated to improve ovarian preservation resulting in potentially increased fertility preservation rates

As a result of this delicate surgery, patients experience:

  • Fast recovery time
  • Low risk of infection
  • Fewer side effects such as surgery-related inflimmaiton and adhesions

Most importantly, patients experience:

  • Low disease recurrence rates
  • Immediate improvement in their quality of life


How can you benefit from Lumenis CO2 Laser technology?


It’s safe

Precision and high performance are followed by patient safety. Lumenis Lasers are designed and manufactured in accordance to the highest medical device regulations and standards. Lumenis is a long time industry leader and considered the most respected laser manufacturer in the global market. Lumenis technology is focused on individualized care so the surgeon can personalize the procedure per patient and ensure smooth and reliable surgical procedure.

It’s clinically effective

Lumenis has been the global CO2 laser technology leader for over three decades. Dozens of papers published along the years by top physicians, providing the clinical proof and evidence that supports the benefits and value we aim to provide patients with. Nevertheless, it is not only the official clinical evidence that supports the value we strive to provide – it is the testimonials we hear from the surgeons practicing with the Lumenis technology and their satisfied patients.

It’s used by highly skilled surgeons

When it comes to operating on delicate anatomy, aiming for minimal thermal damage and preserving valuable reproductive organs such as the ovaries, the fallopian tubes and the uterus, the Lumenis CO2 laser is perceived as favorable by leading gynecologists around the world. The surgeons that work with Lumenis CO2 Laser technology are extremely educated, experienced and qualified within their field of expertise.

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If you suffer from Endometriosis, you may be a candidate for minimally invasive laparoscopy endometriosis performed with the CO2 laser technology. Please consult your physician to determine the best treatment option for you.